Proprietary development projects 

AlgoDx is a clinical-stage medical device software company developing a portfolio of novel machine learning algorithms within several therapeutic areas.


With the ambition to achieve a reduction in length of hospitalization stay and a reduction in mortality, AlgoDx is currently developing an algorithm diagnostic for sepsis.


Acute Kidney Injury is a is a sudden episode of kidney failure or kidney damage. At AlgoDx, we are developing a novel algorithm diagnostic that may assist physicians in early detection of AKI.


AlgoDx has, as part of a Swedish scientific consortium, committed to collaborate in creating optimal national datasets for Hepatitis B.

Developing evidence-based AI applications for clinical practice

In the coming years, access to real-time information in healthcare will be moving from a reactive into a predictive and actionable use of data. We are developing algorithms as predictive indicators for complex medical conditions. Our algorithms monitor electronic health records and use machine learning to analyze trends and correlations in relevant clinical variables to advance the field of health informatics.

Research standards

At AlgoDx, the premise underlying all our research is the final product’s reliability. Our research methods are based on gold standards used in pharmaceutical drug and medical device development. We use a scientific, evidence-based approach with regulatory requirements in mind. Our research projects are designed to generate robust clinical evidence, which covers clinical benefits as well as risks to support product claims regarding clinical properties.