Assisted intelligence for intensive care

Intensive care is the most data-rich environment in any hospital, and with high volumes of high-fidelity clinical data it is an impeccable location to apply AI. With AlgoDx’s technology, we enable early detection of patient deterioration by augmenting healthcare provider clinical decision-making. 


Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening syndrome where initial signs of disease can be difficult to interpret, and current detection methods for sepsis are incapable of early prediction. NAVOY® is our flagship algorithm assisting providers in intensive care in predicting ICU patients’ risk of developing sepsis the coming hours.

Equipping the ICU with cutting-edge solutions

In a data-rich environment such as the intensive care unit, some signs of patient deterioration can be difficult to spot in time.

The AlgoDx product portfolio includes machine learning algorithms for the prediction of conditions such as acute kidney injury (AKI), intended to assist clinical decision making in intensive care. 

AKI is recognized as a major global public health concern, leading to increased morbidity and mortality, with associated high financial health care costs and major social impact.