Partnering with life science companies

AlgoDx offers collaborations based on our proprietary AI technology platform, the company’s unique skills and expertise, and on our broad network of providers of qualitative and relevant health data. With a combination of creativity, analysis, and scientific research, AlgoDx brings a mature AI franchise to our collaboration partners. For collaboration opportunities, partnerships or licensing agreements, contact us.


Data analysis in patient registries

Analyze unstructured clinical data to create actionable insights and predict outcomes with greater accuracy

Algorithm diagnostics for clinical practice

Biomarker testing using predictive analytics to determine optimal treatment regimens early in a patient’s journey, and biomarker monitoring to identify patients who might be failing standard-of-care therapy and should be candidates for next-line therapy

Identify best treatment option with AI

Machine Learning products that predict and anticipate the best potential responders within a patient population for specific drug treatments or medical devices

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