An AI platform bringing precision medicine to intensive care

The AlgoDx Platform is a flexible and reliable delivery platform for the integration of algorithm diagnostics and data-driven precision medicine in Electronic Health Record systems. By executing AlgoDx’s demanding algorithms in our cutting edge and highly redundant computation environment, the AlgoDx Platform ensures timely and accurate predictions while alleviating the typical expense and complexity of on-site hardware. Beyond best-in-class computational performance, the AlgoDx Platform also adds a variety of auxiliary features to our proprietary diagnostic suite.

Privacy and security

The AlgoDx Platform takes a strict approach to the evolving landscape of EU healthcare data regulations, electing in each category to uphold the most conservative requirements among the European member states. European data stays in Europe and is treated with standards that meet or exceed GDPR and ISO 27001 requirements.

Integration: we speak EHR

The AlgoDx Platform is compatible with all popular healthcare data transport formats and protocols, including HL7 (FHIR) over HTTP or LLP, as well as various EHR-specific XML formats. For highly custom situations, we also offer direct integration via the AlgoDx Platform API.

Supported Integration formats:

  • HL7 2/3
  • HL7 FHIR
  • AlgoDx Platform API
  • Ad-hoc solutions

Beyond best-in-class computational performance, the AlgoDx Platform adds a variety of auxiliary features to our proprietary diagnostic suite.

Outcomes tracking

Gain unprecedented visibility into how our tools fit into your healthcare goals

Data quality monitoring

Accurate predictions begin with quality data entry. See in real
time how the flow of data into your EHR affects predictions

Seamless upgrades

Update your AlgoDx products or add new ones with low IT effort

The AlgoDx Platform – an EHR agnostic integration engine

We offer a variety of additional partnership possibilities, including providing a turnkey deployment solution for clinical decision support tools developed in academia or by other partners, expediting clinical validation studies by removing technical barriers, and upgrading existing predictive tool’s performance with our proprietary datasets.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more about partnership opportunities