AlgoDx is a clinical-stage medical device software company developing a portfolio of novel machine learning algorithms within several therapeutic areas

At AlgoDx, the premise underlying all our research is the final product’s reliability. Our research methods are based on gold standards used in medical device and pharmaceutical development. We use a scientific, evidence-based approach with regulatory requirements in mind. Our research projects are designed to generate robust clinical evidence for product claims, covering clinical and health-economic benefits as well as potential risks.

AlgoDx clinical pipeline

as of January 2021

Pre-clinical R&D
Clinical Validation
Regulatory Clearance
Sepsis Prediction in Intensive Care                                                      
Acute Kidney Prediction Prediction in Intensive Care                                                                        
FLARE-UPS in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
(co-development with global pharmaceutical)
Hepatitis B Precision medicine
(co-development with Swedish national consortium)

* Post-Marketing Clinical Follow-up

Clinical trials

AlgoDx sponsored clinical research

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Early Prediction of Sepsis in Hospitalized Patients Using a Machine Learning Algorithm, a Randomized Clinical Validation Trial.

Protocol number: NCT04570618