Our mission

“Clinically validated machine learning algorithms that save lives and improve cost-effectiveness in healthcare” – AlgoDx’s mission reinforces our ambition to improve patient outcomes using machine learning technology that provides accurate patient diagnosis, prediction, and treatment support.

What drives us

In the future, artificial intelligence will be applied to all medical fields. At AlgoDx, we stand behind practices that are based on established research methods to achieve the desired patient outcomes across various settings and geographic locations. This is why AlgoDx is dedicated to clinically relevant research that is conducted using appropriate methodology. We recognize that care should be individualized and ever changing as it involves uncertainties and probabilities in practice, but we also recognize that this has to be based on evidence with the same quality and ambition that has always been a beacon for healthcare.

The science

Science aims to explain and understand. At AlgoDx we develop products and solutions based on predictive analytics that aim to answer three key generic medical questions:


How is the patient’s situation
– right now?


What will the patient’s situation look like in the near future?


What can we do to improve the patient’s outcomes?

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